O365 Account Information

Your O365 account is part of the Shared MinnState O365 system, which provides a consistent student experience across all MinnState Institutions. While you will only have one O365 account, you will have an email address for any MinnState institution you attend.

  • What do I use to Sign in to my O365 account?
    • To login in your O365 you can click here, or navigate to the Anoka Tech website, click Student Email.
      • Username: yourStarID@go.minnstate.edu
      • Password: your StarID password
    • Please note your username is not your email address.
  • What is my email address?
    • Your email address will be a combination of your first name, last name, and the institution. Ex: john.doe@my.anokatech.edu
    • For instructions on finding your email address, or changing the default address, click here.
  • Can I forward my school email to a personal email account?
    • Yes, for instructions regarding email forwarding, click here.
    • Video instructions for email forwarding can be found here.
  • What is OneDrive, and how do I access it?
    • OneDrive is online file storage provided to you through your O365 account.
      • Navigate to the Office.com and sign in with your StarID@go.minnstate.edu and StarID password
      • Click the OneDrive icon
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  • Can I install Office 365 to my device?
    • Your O365 account includes 5 licenses for Office 365 that can be installed on your computer or mobile devices.
      • The license will be valid for approximately 1 year following the last completed enrollment.
      • For instructions on installing Office 365, click here.