Will I still be able to use the same Apps?

Below is a detailed list of applications and how they will be handled:

Application In Current Tenant In Shared Tenant Migration Capabilities Notes 
Calendar YesYes Auto-Migrate Included in mailbox migration 
Delve Yes Yes Self-Migrate   
Dynamics 365 Yes Yes Self-Migrate   
Excel Yes Yes Auto-Migrate* *If content is in OneDrive 
Flow Yes Yes Self-Migrate Export flows prior to and import after migration event 
Forms Yes Yes Self-Migrate Open results in Excel and save to OneDrive to retain results.  Must manually recreate after migration event. 
OneDrive Yes Yes Auto-Migrate OneDrive content migrates, permissions remain, existing shared links will need to be reestablished. 
OneNote Yes Yes Auto-Migrate* *If content is in OneDrive 
Outlook Yes Yes Auto-Migrate Mailbox is migrated, but forwarding rules must be recreated. 
People  Yes Yes Auto-Migrate Contacts migrate, but personal groups/distribution lists do not. 
Planner Yes Yes Self-Migrate   
PowerApps Yes Yes Self-Migrate An Export Package and Import Package function is available in preview form. 
PowerPoint Yes Yes Auto-Migrate* *If content is in OneDrive 
Stream Yes Yes Self-Migrate Download original video option is available, save files locally and upload after migration event. 
Sway Yes Yes Self-Migrate Share to new system and duplicate. 
Tasks  Yes Yes Auto-Migrate Included in mailbox migration 
Teams YesYes Self-Migrate Team can be re-created, content can be self-migrated 
To-Do  Yes Yes Auto-Migrate Included in mailbox migration 
Video Yes Yes Self-Migrate Save content locally and upload after migration event. 
Word Yes Yes Auto-Migrate* *If content is in OneDrive 
Yammer Yes No Not available   
Groups Yes YesSelf-Migrate Group can be re-created, content can be self-migrated 
Staff Hub Yes No Not available 
Bookings No Yes Not AvailableEntries must be recreated 
Skype Yes Yes Self-Migrate Contacts do not migrate.  Links for Skype meetings must be recreated. 
Sharepoint No Yes Not necessary   
Email Forwarding  Yes Yes Self-Migrate Users will need to re-establish forwarding 
Home use  
product activation 
Yes Yes Self-Migrate Individual will be prompted to sign in for re-authentication/activation within 30 days.