College Notifications

The Star Alert notification system is used to send emails, text messages, and phone calls for campus-related emergencies, including weather-related delays and closures.

  • All Students are automatically enrolled into the system 30 days prior to the start of their Enrolled semester. Students will automatically be deactivated 90 days after the end of their Active college enrollment.
  • After enrollment in the system, Students can edit their notification options by registering within the system. Additionally, parents, family, or friends can also register to receive notifications. For information on registration, click here.
  • The Alertus Emergency Mass Notification System is the on-campus system used for immediate notifications of eminent campus threats. These may include active shooter incidents, bomb threats, weather-related events, or other on-campus emergencies.
  • The Alertus application, available for IOS and Android systems, can be used to receive these notifications on your mobile devices.
    • Download and follow prompts
    • Enter the Organization Code: atcarcc
    • Enter your school email address
    • Choose Subscription:
      • ATC Campus
      • ARCC – Cambridge Campus
      • ARCC – Coon Rapids Campus
    • Confirm your subscription