FREEZE started Friday June 7 at 6:00 PM

In preparation for the Office 365 transition, documents within OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams will be migrated to the new shared tenant.  Your current OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams files will be copied to the new tenant which will require a FREEZE, beginning 6:00 PM, Friday, June 7, 2019

Changes made to OneDrive, SharePoint, and/or Teams saved documents during this window will NOT be automatically copied to the new tenant.

You can continue to access documents in OneDrive; however, if you need to edit or create new documents during the migration window, please copy/save the files to your desktop, removable drive, or network drive (like H:, N:, S:, etc.).  Your new and updated files can be copied back to OneDrive after the migration is complete (6:00 AM, Monday, June 17, 2019).  Documents currently in any shared drive (H:, N:, S:) will not be affected by the OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams FREEZE.


  • Teams conversations will not be migrated to the new tenant; Channels, Files, and Membership will be copied.
  • Intranet content owners­ – Changes to the Intranet site will not be copied to the new tenant during the freeze window. Apply changes before 6:00 PM, Friday, June 7 or after 6:00 AM, Monday, June 17.

For more information, check out the OneDrive FAQ and other How-To Guides

Please contact the Service Desk if you have any questions regarding the FREEZE or Office 365 Migration project. 

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