Star Alert Auto-Enrollment

Anoka Technical College uses Star Alert to send emails, text messages and phone calls during campus-related emergencies, including weather-related delays and closures.

Contact data like your school email address, primary/home phone and cell phones will be automatically enrolled in Star Alerts. If there are no changes to how you are contacted, there is nothing you need to do; however, you can always update your contact information or how you receive messages.

Click here for Star Alert FAQs

Current Students and Staff: follow the steps below to add or change contact information:

  • Click “Sign Me Up” if this is your first time accessing this site.
    • Hint: You can use your email address – as your login address.
  • Once logged in, enter your StarID when asked for an identification code.
    • During the setup process, the identification code is referred to the Student ID or Employee ID.
  • Use your Office 365 username ( (employee) or (student)), for the email address.
    • Hint: You can also use your phone number on record instead of your O365 username.
  • Once you have associated your log in with the information imported, you can update how you are contacted.

Parents, friends of the college(s) and members of the greater community: use the GUEST PORTAL to sign up for Star Alert messages from Anoka Technical College.

Please contact with questions.

Send the Service Desk an email if you have suggestions for FAQs or How-To’s.

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